Audio Speakers

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Audio Speakers

Being experts in do-it-yourself home security doesn’t mean that we ignore other important household matters like having the best sound system in the neighborhood. Whether you are in the market for sound equipment for your backyard living space or whether you are ready to upgrade your indoor sound system, HomeSecurityStore.com has you covered. In fact, we’ve taken the time to handpick some of the best quality speakers that money can buy in order to help you create the perfect audio package for your home theater, as well as your indoor or outdoor music system.

As you may already know, audio speakers use a wide range of frequencies to convert electrical signals to sound. Individual drivers must be used in order to produce a range of frequencies. For example, woofers create low frequencies and subwoofers produce very low frequencies. Tweeters produce high frequencies and mid-range speakers are used to produce middle frequencies. Super-tweeters are optimized in order to produce the highest audible frequencies.

To enjoy the best in home entertainment, your speaker system will need to rely on much more than just the two speaker system that is common with a simple CD, tuner or stereo system. When enjoying a movie, your favorite sport or just listening to music, a surround sound system is the next best thing to experiencing a live event. Creating a surround sound system, however, means that drivers will need to be divided, most likely using at least five satellite speakers along with a subwoofer.

Whatever your needs, we have a healthy variety of audio speakers for you to choose from. All of our speakers come with do-it-yourself installation instructions and our tech support team is available to answer all of your questions.

Audio Speakers

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