Structured Wiring

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Structured Wiring

Structured wiring is the key to a seamlessly automated home. Without it, electronic devices are unable to communicate at their optimal best. HomeSecurityStore.com understands this and offers homeowners the structured wiring needed to properly integrate a number of automated devices ranging from computing and communication devices to home security systems.

Many who are unfamiliar with structured wiring may believe that it is a lot more complicated and expensive than it actually is. Simply, it involves wiring that can be self-installed behind walls in order to allow electronic equipment to communicate and exchange data with other devices in the home. The types of wiring needed varies, but all run from a central distribution box to rooms where devices are located.

Wiring is typically offered in bundles which include coaxial cables and twisted cables. Specifically, wiring for video devices will involve RG-6 coaxial cables while other devices using voice and data technology will require at least Category 5 cables or higher. In some instances, fiber optic cables may also be a viable option.

All of the structured wiring within a home should operate from a central distribution box. This can be (and often is) compared to old fashioned telephone switchboards where communication was routed through an operator that controlled the process. With structured wiring, however, the operator is actually a box used to connect all devices. This allows equipment to not only communicate with other devices, but the central distribution panel also allows homeowners to control each device that is connected to it.

While structured wiring can sound rather technical and complicated, it isn’t. All of the wiring offered in this section can be self-installed and our tech experts are always happy to answer questions and help troubleshoot any issues. HomeSecurityStore.com provides the best in structured wiring in order to help you automate your lighting, television and telephone devices, computer systems and, most importantly, your home security system.

Structured Wiring

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