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  • 7 Reasons Your Home Needs A Security System

    It’s a horror story right out of movies and television: coming home from work, vacation, or a night out to discover your front door hanging open, drawers and closets torn open, and valuables long gone. 

    Now picture this: instead of this awful end to your day, you receive a movement alert on your phone during your morning meeting. You check your surveillance cameras from your phone and see nothing amiss. When your alarm company calls to check in, you agree a quick police visit is the safest option. By lunchtime, the officers confirm -- if anyone did stop by your house, they couldn’t get in.

    A home alarm system protects homes and families from intrusions and burglaries, but that’s not its only purpose! From fire protection to lowered electric bills, here are seven reasons your home needs a security system: 

    1. Protect your family and personal property. Burglary is anyone’s worst nightmare. According to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting Program, homes without a security system are 300% more likely to be burglarized. At the same time, only 17% of homes had a security system as of 2015. A home security system protects your family and belongings from the threat of a home invasion. 
    2. Prevent crime in your neighborhood. Many home security systems come with stickers, signs, or other visual cues that a home is now protected. Often, all it takes is a quick glance at one of these signs for a burglar to think twice about targeting a home. If your home is equipped with visible security cameras, window stickers highlighting the alarm system, and a sign detailing your protection, that may be all a sketchy someone needs to leave the neighborhood. Plus, in the event that something does happen to a neighbor, your security system may have license plate footage, a picture of the suspect, or other evidence that helps catch the crook! 
    3. Keep an eye on the kids. Finding a babysitter is one of the major stresses of date night, especially if it’s the first time you’ve worked with a nanny or left the kids home on their own. Nanny cams and other internal security systems let you keep an eye on the kids without snooping, guaranteeing bedtimes are met, doors are locked, and homework is done. (We’ll let that second bowl of ice cream slide, though.) 
    4. Lower your electric bill. The first instinct might be to think that a home security system will cost you in electric expenses. However, many integrated security systems connect with your lights, appliances, and AC or heating. When you’re on the go, you can double-check to make sure you turned off that overhead light, or lower the AC in an empty house when you’re on vacation. Over time, that extra bit of monitoring adds up to significant electric savings! 
    5. Save on home insurance. Many home insurance companies offer discounts to premiums if you install a home security system. Think about it--your security system helps out the insurance company, too! Committing to this extra layer of safety makes your home more secure, and your insurance company’s job a little easier. Enjoy those extra savings!  
    6. Protect your home from the unexpected. Deaths from house fires, carbon monoxide poisoning, or medical emergencies do not have to be the norm. Installing smoke alarms, gas detectors, and communication systems in your home reduce the risk of death or injury related to these emergency situations. For people living with serious illnesses or medical conditions, personal security systems and communicators can act as a link between someone who lives alone and the outside world, guaranteeing that someone is always looking out for your best interest. 
    7. Enjoy peace of mind from anywhere in the world. Gone are the days of asking neighbors to keep an eye on your house! If you’re heading out for a vacation or business trip, a home security system helps you monitor the goings-on inside and around your home from anywhere in the world. Instead of worrying about that finicky lock on your screen door, you can rest easy at night knowing your home is protected and secure. 

    Sterling Security offers a wide range of home protection services to suit any budget. In the earliest days of home surveillance, security systems were bulky, expensive, and difficult to use, requiring an expert’s installation and constant monitoring. Today, a few hundred dollars (or less!) can find you a trusted security system you can set up yourself, monitor online or from a mobile device, and rely on day after day. 

    7 Reasons Your Home Needs A Security System Ready to get started? Head over to our shop to learn more about the perfect home security products for you. 

  • Interlogix to cease operations on the UltraSync, IFS, Simon and other lines

    UTC’s Interlogix division, makers of an array of residential/commercial security products, notified its employees and dealers that it is proceeding with a "winding down" of business in the United States and Canada, and will no longer manufacture new products at the end of 2019.

    In a statement released on Friday:

    "Following a thorough review of our security portfolio, we have decided to wind down the Interlogix U.S. and Canada businesses in order to focus on growth opportunities in our other fire and security businesses."

    "While we may be winding down Interlogix, we are committed to ensuring that our dealers have the products necessary to support their business during this transition."

    "Interlogix expects to manufacture and sell products through the end of 2019. We will continue to provide customer service in the areas of technical support, product fulfillment, and warranty obligations as prescribed in our warranty policies. Our dealers will be able to purchase, install, register, and service our products with the complete confidence that we will stand behind you through 2020 and beyond."

    "We are working closely with our distributors to ensure that you have the product necessary for your customers during this transition period. Given our significant installed base, we anticipate increased demand at this time and will build and fulfill orders in the order in which they are received."


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