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Personal Protection

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Personal Protection

The fear of being mugged and/or robbed on the street is nothing to be ashamed of. Many people share this very common insecurity and though sometimes it can’t be avoided, it can always be defended. If agree with the phrase “The best offense is a great defense,” then you’ll find great confidence in our stock of Personal Protection items here at HomeSecurityStore.com.

Pepper spray and mace is a must- criminals can’t hurt what they can’t see. We carry mace Guns that increase the trajectory and aim that normal mace cans just aren’t capable of. If you want to be on the offensive, our MACE Pepper Gun forces criminals to stare down a barrel full of optical destruction should they encounter you. Mace to the face means paralyzation for a thief and an easy escape for you. If you fear for your son or daughter’s safety, we also stock a Family Mace Kit that includes 4 different pepper spray canisters- one for each member of the family.

If you have health issues or have a friend or relative who does, consider taking a look at our Linear Personal Emergency Reporting System that installs in any home and at the press of one button sends medical assistance right to your front door.

Never fear for your life again. Thinking one step ahead and being ready for any kind of attack is always our recommendation. For personal safety that you need right now, HomeSecurityStore.com has the tools to put you on the offensive.

Personal Protection

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