Wecome to Sterling Security Store

Why Us

Why you should choose the Sterling Security Store for your next online purchase.
We're proud of the business we've built with Sterling Security Store. But we never lose sight of the fact that you, the customer, are the only reason we're here.
We've worked hard in an effort to earn your business, and we have a few reasons why we think you should choose Sterling Security Store for your next online purchase.

Time Is Money
Sometimes, your time matters even more than your money. That's why we've put a lot of effort into making sure it's easy to find what you need, as quickly as possible. Likewise, our product categories make it easy to browse through the departments that interest you, if you prefer. It's kind of like walking down the aisles of a store, but much faster, and with a much better selection.

Fast Delivery
With our automated systems and streamlined operations, we're able to offer same-day shipment on most orders that are placed as late as 3 PM (Pacific) or 6 PM (Eastern), Monday - Friday.

We're here for you
Although we have chosen a low-cost and efficient way to offer you great pricing and fast delivery on thousands of home security products and there is one thing we haven't skimped on: you.
We firmly believe in the old adage, "the customer is king." While the Internet and computers have changed the way we all do business, machines can never substitute for the personalized service that we humans can provide each other. At Sterling Security Store, you can count on reaching a real, live, warm-blooded person on the other end of the phone when you have an issue with your order or have some other situation that needs assistance. We'll even pay for the call, too.